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Hello All!


I am Alisha Lovett…by night I am a Registered Nurse and by day I dance the calories away as a certified Afro-Belly Boogie™ Instructor! After the birth of my son in 2008, I started taking exercise classes so I could lose the 40 lbs I gained. After my first Afro-Belly Boogie™ I was hooked. Because I loved the dance format so much and started seeing amazing results, I became an instructor. Since then, I have lost the weight, toned my curvy figure and gained a ton of confidence.

Since it's full launch in August 2010, the workout has gained a following of loyal participants who've enjoyed the weight loss and toning benefits that Afro-Belly Boogie™ brings.  Combining the cardio and toning aspects of African dance movements and toning and conditioning aspects of Belly dance, this fitness program combines the best of these worlds with a dash of club mix to bring the groove to life. Great music, fabulous dance moves and big fun makes this workout a revolution in dance fitness. 

In my class, you will sweat, be sexy, feel sensual, and find your muze for dance fitness. I ensure that in every class I teach, I work your entire body with a good cardio burn and a touch of toning in every song! I break down the moves and turn up the groove with enthusiastic energy and fun!  So come on and give it a try, step out your comfort zone and try something new and exciting. Trust me, I will leave you HIPnotized ;-)

Love & Dance ~ Alisha

Class Schedule


5:15pm w/Alisha ( on hold til beginning of July )


10:00am w/Alisha   ( on hold wil beginning of July ) 

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