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Rowela Ancheta

Hi! I’m Rowela and dancing is my medicine! At the age of 29, I was diagnosed with arrhythmia.   Since then I struggled with my health so I avoided the gym and other activities that would make my heart work harder which included dancing.  Then a year ago, I was put in meds to regulate my heart rate.  That was the turning point for me!  So I slowly went back to the gym and fought what my mind told me and instead listened to my body.


In July 2013, I took my first U-JAM class and it was love at first dance!!  One month after, I took the instructor workshop right away! 


Dancing has become a part of me since childhood.  I grew up performing on programs and have always loved the spot light on stage.  I formed a hip-hop dance group when I was really young and I believe that my desire of teaching and leading a dance started there.  I have always imagined myself to be a dance instructor.  So becoming a U-JAM Fitness instructor is a dream come true!!!


U-JAM Fitness definitely woke me up from a bad dream and brought me back.  And here I am dancing again with a “healthy heart and healthy me”! I may not be at my best just yet but I will get there with you and U-JAM!  And my heart says let's go dance because I am excited to meet YOU so we can be in this journey together!


See you on the dance floor!  And let the world beatz bring you good health, good times, and the best of life!


If you are new to U-JAM, do not worry! Remember I am learning with you!  Let’s do it together for the heart. <3



Deborah Hansana

“DANCE is a conversation between body & soul.” 

My name is Diva Deb and I love to dance! My experience in dance spans over a variety of styles - hip-hop, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and cultural styles like Afro-Haitian and Philippine Folk dance.  True to my love of dance and movement, I have been a student of various group exercise fitness classes – it's a great way to meet new people that are also on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

In 2012, I was introduced to U-JAM Fitness® and got hooked!!  Every class is like a party and it’s all about smiles and style.  All the movements are cued but you add your own attitude! 

The U in U-JAM Fitness® stands for UNITY…… UNITY of World Beatz (Bollywood, Salsa, K-Pop, Reggae) with Urban Flava. U-JAM is an addictive dance fitness program that blends old school and new school music to give you an exciting mix of cardio and toning --- get fit while you have fun!



Steve Aragones

Back in Grade school, I was part a dance battle crew that battled against any crew and was in every local talent show.  I am an old school fan of popping, locking, and a new fan of hip hop, breaking, house, latin, and other forms of dance. I have been recreationally dancing for more than 20+ years

I have rekindled the fun of dance and fitness through U-Jam. It found me back in late 2011 and I never turned away.  I became an instructor in 2013 and love teaching and sharing the joy of dance with others.  I am also an advocate of cross training participating in yoga and Crossfit form of fitness since 2009.  All work in unison, where I can move stronger, longer and dance more dynamically.  Come join me on the dance fitness dance floor!


Agnes Ranili

Hello, my name is Agnes, also known as Baby A. I am a U-Jam Fitness instructor coming out from Union City, but I love to spread the Unity everywhere in the bay area. 

Fitness has always been a passion of mine and dance was always an outlet for me when I was younger.  U-Jam Fitness put 2 activities I enjoyed most to a JOB I love to do. “Do what you love most.”  I decided to become a U-Jam Fitness instructor not only because of the enjoyment of dance while focusing on fitness, but because how inspiring and motivating it was.  All the instructors I have met through U-Jam were all supportive and welcoming that it makes you want to come back for me.  It gave me the confidence to become an instructor to help spread that Unity. 

Aside from my full-time administrative job, I coach youth basketball that has inspired me to focus on a more fitness lifestyle.  I figured if I am influencing these kids to be active, I need to do it myself which, again, U-Jam was a BIG influence to changing my lifestyle. 

From a becoming a student to an Instructor, I look forward to motivate and inspire others.


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