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America Thauberger

I started taking Zumba classes in February 2008 and instantly became hooked! The music, the rhythms, the upbeat feeling in class are incredibly contagious! I knew immediately that I had found a lifetime passion. I became a certified instructor in 2009 and now teach at Underground Fitness. Zumba changed my life. It completely jump-started my healthy lifestyle. I am incredibly active on a daily basis! Now, let’s get moving to those Latin beats! Thank you in advance for your trust, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in class.



Laarni Fuertes

I became a Zumba instructor so I can share my love and passion for dancing while exercising.  Since childhood, I have always been interested in dance.  It wasn’t until college that I was given the opportunity to express myself though dance as part of a troupe that performed in the Philippines, Thailand, and Guam.

I’ve tried to incorporate my love for dance with my desire to stay fit through out the years.  I tried U-Jam and Latin Impact before finding Zumba.  I fell in love with it from the start.  I liked the upbeat tempo of Latin music and I was intrigued by the Latin moves.  I found the routine to be unique but not overly complicated to follow.  I also enjoyed the fact that Zumba often incorporates other dance styles like hip hop and belly dancing, which keep the classes dynamic and interesting.  To me, Zumba is a way to have fun while keeping me fit and healthy.

I learned to dance not to impress, but to inspire.  I want to inspire people to express themselves, be active, and to have fun!  Come on in and join the party which I call Zumba!




Melissa Garling





Daya Torres



My Zumba journey started in 2011. I come form a background of competitive hip-hop/ jazz dance ranging from 2005-2010. After beginning my weight loss journey in 2011, basic cardio became a real bore to me. I started finding myself making excuses to ditch the gym. I missed dancing and competing so much. I kept in touch with my former competitive dance partner who is now my Zumba mentor. She kept urging me to join Zumba with her. She told me everything she could about how amazing it was and yet I still showed no interest. Finally after several months, and seeing her huge success with weight loss, I decided to come to a class with her. I was BLOWN AWAY at how incredibly fun the class was. For those of you who have taken Zumba you know exactly what I'm talking about. After remaining a student and trying different classes here and there for 4 years I was finally pushed to become an instructor. I became certified February of 2015 and I've been unstoppable ever since. I always encourage people who come to me considering making Zumba part of their workout routine to try a class before they completely factor it out. Don't be stubborn like I was. Zumba is for EVERYONE. No matter shape, size, age, gender, dancer, or two left feet. I say this because when I started Zumba, I was 327 pounds. I'm now down almost 100 pounds. I wasn't confident walking into a Zumba class being as over weight as I was, but everyone starts somewhere. I can promise you that not only will you leave satisfied, but you will leave wanting more, in my class, or any class we offer here at UGF2. There are some amazingly tale
nted instructors here and I'm proud to now be one of them. I look forward to sharing the dance floor with you.

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